About Us

I believe people need to be educated about the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower. God brought her here.

-Willie Nelson

Who are we?

As a young startup founded in 2022, the beginning was difficult. We knew a lot about nutritional supplements, but of course we didn't have the knowledge or the means (production) to produce a few thousand products. But that didn't let us deviate from our mission:

our mission

We want to become the first nutritional supplement provider for 🥦consumers and thus strengthen acceptance in the country. How can it be that in a progressive country like Germany we live so behind the moon when it comes to 🥦 ?

As founders , we are 🥦 patients ourselves and know exactly how this feels in our society. Unless you live in Berlin, there are massive prejudices against consumers. We want to put an end to this and finally stop this stigmatization of consumers/patients. It's bad enough that we're not even allowed to spell out the name of our favorite plant and have to use a broccoli emoji 🥦 .

Since we didn't have a large pot of gold to build a production facility, we had to use an external manufacturer of our products. This is common practice and most suppliers of nutritional supplements work exactly this way.

From the beginning it was important to us that it should come from Germany and not from abroad like many other dietary supplement manufacturers. Ultimately, we want our customers to feel safe when they consume our products.

This search took over six months , but in the end we found the perfect partner, had to spend a lot of money and started turning our idea into reality. We would have paid a quarter of our price for products from abroad, but we want to create something big with this and not make a quick buck.

Our goal

Our goal at CANASUPS is to produce high-quality nutritional supplements specifically for 🥦consumers.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle also includes responsible consumption of 🥦 . Our products are manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards and contain natural ingredients that are tailored to the needs of 🥦 consumers.

We want to help our customers lead a balanced and healthy life while not neglecting the enjoyment of 🥦 .

Let's be honest with ourselves: Most 🥦 consumers place little value on a healthy diet and often struggle with digestive problems , inflammation or lack of motivation .

Therefore, our goal is to develop products exactly for your needs that can help with all of this and can also increase the effect of the 🥦 .

Let's finally stop prejudging consumers and see 🥦 for what it is: a wonderful plant.